Besides living among beautiful nature and visiting the extraordinarily picturesque villages and famous stone bridges, here one has the chance to further experience nature by participating in some or all of the outdoor activities offered.


Outdoor guided tours will help you commune with nature, experience new things and learn from these experiences. Zagori with its wild and unspoiled nature and its distinctive traditional architecture is an open air IN SITU MUSEUM. With the appropriate scientific guidance, visitors acquire in-depth understanding of the history of the Earth and its interaction with human intervention.


Horseback riding is available for all ages and levels in some of Greece’s most beautiful locations around the village of Papigo. All rides take place in open fields and along tree-shaded riding trails below the majestic mountain peak of Astraka.


Thanks to several beautiful rivers flowing through the area, rafting here is a top priority. The Voidomatis River is by far your first choice, by virtue of the amazing landscape through which it travels and due to the fact that it does not require any particular river-sports ability, knowledge or experience.


Zagori is the ideal place for trekking in Greece. There are countless paths to take and their combinations are endless. The treks may be either self-guided, with the possible assistance of GPS and maps, or thematic, guided hikes, with the assistance of an experienced guide who will interpret the natural and cultural heritage of the area, combining leisure with education.