We cook for you daily in our restaurant using fresh, local produce in traditional recipes; the experience and expertise of local women and our love for home-made food guarantees wholesome, tasty meals! In winter, the fire-place is a key element in our restaurant, its warmth and the lovely smell of burning wood greeting customers as they come in from the cold. We are open all year, starting early in the morning and staying open till late in the evening. The generous land of Papigo offers up all the ingredients –vegetables and fruits- we use both in our kitchen and in the products we package and sell here and in our store. We cook traditional dishes with meat and cheese from local farms, using herbs hand-picked in the mountains. Our fish is also fresh as we have our own wild trout. The packaged goods we sell from our restaurant and our store in the village are all organic; we carefully and lovingly prepare them ourselves, adhering to strict sanitary rules.